Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can't see from the center.

Kurt Vonnegut

What We Do

Edgeblast provides custom software development. Our team delivers informed, strategy-based solutions that address the complex problems facing modern brands.

Your audience is on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops presence that works on all screens. It still is one of the most important tools in driving your business’ success.

Mobile apps are everything serving as a gateway to your home, your ERP, your shopping, your everything.

To solve systems integration issues, we start by understanding the data, users and your business needs. Armed with that information, we develop and prescribe a solution to fill the gaps between your systems or identify opportunities to marry them together and create new value.

Edgeblast excels at creating, reimagining, and inventing in addition to supporting, maintaining and strengthening.

Why Edgeblast?

Based in vibrant Denver, Colorado, Edgeblast crafts beautiful digital brand experiences designed to instantly capture consumer interest and imagination and drive deep engagement across platforms, devices and screens. We also build in a strategy for your online presence and follow through after the project is done. We dont simply push pixels, we build long-term relationships. This is in our DNA and makes Edgeblast stand apart. We actually go to the end of the earth for our clients.

Who We Are

We draw our experience working for top tech companies and startups including Google, YouTube, TiVO and DISH Network supporting big brands like The Huffington Post, DIRECTV, Dow Jones, Reuters, AT&T, and Trip Advisor. We are engineers, architects, designers and product developers who solve problems creatively formed from professional relationships that go back over 15 years.

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James Reyes

Solutions Architect


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What We Do